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Lock-Up Vehicle Restraint

The patented NOVA Lock-Up Vehicle Restraint with its vertical barrier offers more versatility than a rotating hook, providing security in restraining a wider variety of vehicles in a more durable package.

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The Lock-Up is ideal for applications that demand a wall-mounted, truck-positioned restraint with the versatility to restrain a variety of vehicles and offers unique features and benefits. 

Features and Benefits:

  • The Lock-Up restraint maintains contact with the RIG and adjusts automatically with trailer float motion to ensure proper engagement at all times during the loading and unloading process
  • Vertical barrier position ensures engagement with intermodal containers and trailer RIG configurations with cover plates or obstructions
  • Patent pending activation system ensures RIG/barrier engagement is maintained even when electrical power source is lost
  • The gear motor operates on electrical current only when engaging or disengaging the vertical barrier with the RIG, resulting in more reliable operation and ultra-low energy cost
  • Non-contact limit switches—magnetic proximity sensors for a more robust, high durability, long-lasting performance
  • Exclusive vertical barrier lifting mechanism utilizes an over-center device which maintains engagement even in the event of a power failure
  • Brakeless, direct drive gear motor specifically engineered for this application—no brake, clutch, sprockets, or chain required
  • Roller slope extension that effortlessly rolls on pavement
  • LED lights are standard for energy efficiency and long life