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Lock & Load Vehicle Restraint

The NOVA Lock & Load Vehicle Restraint with Roller Slope Extension secures the trailer's Rear Impact Guard (RIG) to reduce the risk of trailer separation accidents which lead to forklift driver injuries as well as damage to product and loading dock equipment. The Roller Slope Extension is designed to decrease resistance of carriage travel while adjusting to the height of the RIG on the trailer saving wear on the RIG, carriage and pavement.  The Lock & Load offers unique features to improve on the proven performance of hook-style restraint designs.

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Features and Benefits:

  • The Lock & Load restraint maintains contact with the RIG and adjusts automatically with trailer float motion to ensure proper engagement at all times during the loading and unloading process
  • The roller slope extension reduces/eliminates gouging/marking on the dock approach compared to "skid" style slope extensions
  • The gear motor utilizes multiple powertrain components to distribute stress and optimize velocities, maximizing long-term durability
  • Our specially designed gear motor operates a total of only three seconds for the full cycle of restraining and releasing a vehicle.  This equates to a fraction of a penny of electricity per vehicle, regardless of how long each is serviced at the loading dock
  • The gear motor operates on electrical current only when engaging or disengaging the rotating hook with the RIG, resulting in more reliable operation
  • Slim profile carriage design reduces the risk of collision damage to the Lock & Load or truck trailers
  • Control box includes keyswitch for alarm override as standard
  • LED lights are standard for energy efficiency and long life